Educational Approval of Training Programmes and Training Locations and GMC Sanctions

Approval of training programmes and training locations

As the regulatory body, the GMC is responsible for giving approval to all new surgical training programmes and training locations. An application for the approval of a new programme is submitted by the LETB/Deanery and support is provided by the relevant SAC. An application for the approval of a new training location is submitted by the LETB/Deanery, with the relevant SAC having a role in monitoring training provision in the newly approved site.

Further information on the GMC's training programme and training location approvals process is available on its website, along with a list of training locations currently approved by the GMC to deliver training.

GMC QA sanctions

A sanction is any measure imposed by the GMC in response to a failure to meet its standards. It has a range of sanctions available including: imposing conditions which limit the time or scope of approval; refusing approval; and withdrawing recognition for training.