Less Than Full Time Training

If you are considering undertaking less than full time (LTFT) training you will need to:

  • Discuss your intention with your Training Programme Director and gain their support
  • Contact the RCS Ireland and ask what applications you need to make to them to gain their support

You will need to inform the JCST office that you are going to be training less than full time. This is to ensure our records are up to date. We will therefore require the following details:

  1. Dates from and to (dd/mm/yyyy)
  2. Percentage undertaken
  3. Details of any periods you have spent, or will spend, out of programme e.g. maternity leave

We will also contact the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the TPD separately for confirmation of the information above.

Please let the JCST know if you return to full time training or change your training percentage as your certification date will need to be amended.