Counting Previous Training

It may be possible for you to have previous training/research recognised towards your Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST).

If you would like to have previous training counted, you should discuss this with your local training committee and Training Programme Director (TPD). Once an agreement has been reached, an application for recognition should be sent to the JCST, where your SAC will consider your request.

Applying for SAC recognition

You will need to send to the JCST:

  • RITA/ARCP or Trainee Assessment Forms and Training Post Assessment Forms covering the whole period
  • Validated Consolidated Logbook (stating the exact dates it covers, those of the previous training, and signed by your TPD)
  • Up to date CV
  • A letter of support from your current TPD, stating how much time can count towards your training

Applying for SAC recognition of previous research

You will need to send to the JCST:

  • A letter of support from your TPD (not applicable to General Surgery trainees) – which will need to include the following details:
  1. The exact dates of your research
  2. How much time should count towards training
  • Details of your research
  • Name and contact details of your research supervisor
  • Up to date CV
  • Logbook covering higher surgical training posts to date (General Surgery trainees only)
  • Evidence that your research has met at least one of the following minimum criteria:
  1. either It has been written up and submitted for a higher degree and there is a satisfactory reference from the research supervisor 
  2. or The research has resulted in a peer-reviewed publication that the SAC considers to be of an appropriate level (either accepted or published)
  3. or A higher degree has been awarded

To demonstrate one of the above you will need to submit:

  1. either A satisfactory reference from your supervisor (demonstrating that your higher degree has been written up and submitted)
  2. or Evidence of publications produced during your research period
  3. or Your degree certificate (this can be a certified copy instead of the original)

Please note that it is the responsibility of the SAC to calculate your expected CCST date.