JCST statement on sexual misconduct in surgery

12 Sep 2023

The findings of the survey conducted by the Working Party on Sexual Misconduct in Surgery, published today in BJS, are truly shocking. Working with the four surgical royal colleges, JCST is committed to a zero-tolerance approach to sexual misconduct.

No trainee should be made to feel that their career prospects would be put in jeopardy by reporting incidents of harassment and assault. JCST welcomes the recommendations made in the working party’s report, Breaking the Silence: Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Healthcare. We will do our part to implement the solutions put forward so that surgery is the safe and welcoming profession it should be.

If you experience or witness sexual harassment or assault in the workplace, if you feel able, please report it through your hospital procedures and, if appropriate, to the police. There is third-party help and support available via the links below.




You can read more about what the surgical royal colleges are doing about sexual misconduct in surgery here: