Can I seek advice from JCST before I apply?

We can provide you with general information on the types of evidence our assessors will look for when evaluating your application. However, we are unable to review or comment specifically on any part of your application before we receive your complete application from the GMC.

What kind of evidence will I need to submit?

You should refer to the GMC’s Specialty Specific Guidance along with the current CCT curriculum in your specialty. For further guidance from JCST email specialistregister@jcst.org.

Who will assess my application?

Once your surgical application has been made to the GMC; it will be passed onto us, the JCST, for assessment. Your application will then be assessed by a panel of Specialty Advisory Committee Members, who are trained to assess whether your evidence demonstrates that you are equivalent to the requirements of a CCT/CESR (CP) in your specialty.

Do the JCST or GMC determine the outcome of my application?

The JCST will make a recommendation as to the outcome of your application based on an assessment of your evidence by our evaluators. The overall decision on your application is made by the GMC.

What can I do if my application is unsuccessful?

The GMC outline your options if your application has been unsuccessful, please refer to the GMC's Guidance for unsuccessful applications.